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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life - May 7th, 2006
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Heard from the editor -- while the anthology did have a 5000-word limit, 6500 words is okay because other folks in the anthology ran short. *grin* That'll go off tonight.

Time to shower and then go for promotion. Wish me luck!

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I'm now an advanced yellow belt.

This was one of the more intense promotions, partly due to the fact that we had ten people, including five white and advanced white belts, and also a green and advanced green -- the latter two ended the day with six rounds of fighting.

I'm wiped, but not as wiped as I've been in the past, which I guess is progress. Tonight I plan to listen to the rest of the Yankee game, watch a lot of TV (Doctor Who, The West Wing, The Sopranos, Boondocks, Minoriteam, possibly others I'm forgetting), and polish off "A Clean Getaway."


As an advanced yellow belt, one of the things I'll be doing is a kata called sanchin kata, which is a particularly brutal one. I've been both looking forwarded to it and dreading it, depending on my mood. We'll see what happens Monday night....

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1) Do you like your birth-name? Why?

Yes, even though the first name is constantly misspelled and the last name is constantly mispronounced (the emphasis is on the second syllable). There are so many names out there that can be repeated or found elsewhere, but I'm secure in the likelihood that I'm the only Keith R.A. DeCandido out there.....

2) If you could change your name to anything else, what would it be?

I wouldn't.

3) What names would you consider giving your children?

Miranda. Had I been born with a second X chromosome, that would've been my first name, and I've always liked it.

4) If you had a band, what would you name it, and why?

Hard to top the two I've been in: the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players and the Boogie Knights. But the answer is probably 1812 (which has been a fictional band in a fanfic and in a piece of original fiction I can't seem to sell).

5) Is there a name that you completely hate? Why?

Nothing springs to mind.

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When Sean Henn, one of the Yankees' better pitching prospects, had two bad outings, he was demoted and never heard from again. But Tanyon Sturtze has pitched demonstrably worse than Henn ever did, and yet he keeps getting chance after chance after chance, and he keeps fucking up. What, does he have negatives of Joe Torre having a sexual encounter with a chicken? Jesus fucking Christ.

(Sturtze was just brought into the game and proceeded to load the bases with nobody out before Torre realized that he sucks and brought in Scott Proctor. If Sturtze is still on the team after both Carl Pavano and Octavio Dotel are activated, I will personally hunt doen Brian Cashman and shoot him.)

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Scott Proctor came into the game with the bases loaded and nobody out. He retired three straight batters, and though a run scored, cutting the Yanks' lead to 8-4, it pretty much kept the game under control.

Assuming the Yankees hang on, that is what saved the game. The dumbshit "save" statistic, which is arbitrary and pointless, has skewed reliever usage so much that teams are only using their pitchers in the ninth inning which isn't always the optimal place to use that pitcher. Today proved it. Hell, even John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman were talking about how Proctor wouldn't get any kiind of stat to show what he did, but they're too stupid to take that argument to its logical conclusion, which is that the save statistic is imbecilic.

Honestly, wouldn't you rather have Mariano Rivera pitching against the top of the dangerous Texas lineup with the game on the line than Scott Proctor or (God help us all) Tanyon Sturtze? Doesn't this make more sense??????


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The teaser for tonight's West Wing was more fun than last week's entire episode.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Steven Moffat is a god among men. The man responsible for the best Who story ever -- "Continuity Errors" in Decalog 3: Consequences, which I also had a story in, which I consider a privilege -- for "The Curse of the Fatal Death" -- the charity parody starring Rowan Atkinson, Julia Sawalha, Jonathan Pryce, and a bunch of others that was brilliant in every possible way -- and "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" -- the highlight of the magnificent first new series of Who, one of which was aired on Sci-Fi last night -- has come back to write "The Girl in the Fireplace." And it was brilliant. Not quite on a par with the above-listed, but still, to quote a certain Ninth Doctor, "fantastic!"

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"A Clean Getaway" has been sent to the editor. As soon as it's accepted, I'll say what anthology it's for.....

Another productive weekend. *smile*

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