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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life - February 1st, 2007
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Wrote 3549 words today -- my most productive day yet -- putting me at 14,124 words, but past indolence culminating in yesterday's total lack of writing puts me at a depressing 5476 words off space. This will get worse as I spend the weekend slaving over The Habit of Discipline.

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Yup, he's really been nominated. If he wins, that's a huge feather in his cap for a possible run for President in 2008. And I really think he should do it. He's got the perfect campaign strategy, to wit, channeling Tim in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "I warned you! But you said, 'oh no, he's just a little Texas governor.....'"

Leaving aside his ability to run on the I-told-you-so ticket, he has a historical duty to perform. After all, Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and lost the election, and then came back to win the presidency later on. Gore needs to do the same, dangit. *grin*

And also, as greeneyedkzin pointed out in terri_osborne's LJ (which is where I learned of this), it's now possible that Gore will get an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year.... *snortle*

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I have been following him because of his paranoia.

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How many of the top 250 IMDB movies have you seen?Collapse )

I've seen 145 of the 250.

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Yes, We Really Talk Like This......

terri_osborne: It would be huge if Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, since no one's won one before he was President.

kradical: Yeah, Teddy Roosevelt and -- Wilson, right? -- won while they were President.

Terri: And Carter won afterward. But we've never elected a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Keith (cheeky grin): Well, except for Jed Bartlet.

Terri: No, he won for economics.

Yes, we not only insert fictional Presidents into conversations about real ones, but we nitpick about them!

*tee hee*

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