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Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Devil's Due"
A painfully bad reworking of a Phase II concept, as Picard has to keep a planet from falling into the hands of a con artist pretending to be the devil, as the TNG Rewatch suffers through "Devil's Due."

An excerpt:
This whole thing comes across as a particularly doofy episode of the original series, which is not surprising, given its source. Hilariously, though, the original script had the Enterprise computer as the judge (you would’ve thought it would’ve been Xon, the Vulcan science officer intended to replace Spock, since Leonard Nimoy wasn’t going to participate in Phase II), and the con artist pretending to be the devil was male. Honestly, that part blew my mind when I read it, because I had no trouble imagining Ardra pulling her same shtick on Jim Kirk. Plus, that outfit she wears in Picard’s quarters is right off of William Ware Theiss’s 1967 coat rack...

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