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Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: Fourth Season Overview
Themes of family, politics, and strong ensemble acting -- not to mention a lot more mediocre episodes than I remembered -- permeate the show's middle season, as the TNG Rewatch does the fourth season overview.

An excerpt:
This is a strong ensemble, and the strength of that ensemble is on display all over this season. Jonathan Frakes has nicely relaxed into Riker — he’s got some great scenes, from his grumpy snark in “Brothers” to his attempts to bluff his way through “First Contact” to his imitation of Frank Luz in “The Host” to his advice to Data in “In Theory.” Brent Spiner makes the most of his spotlights, from “Brothers” to “Data’s Day” to “In Theory”; ditto Gates McFadden in “Remember Me” and “The Host.” And O’Brien gets more and more time in the sun, getting a full name in “Family,” a wife in “Data’s Day,” and a background in “The Wounded,” and gets to be an integral part of La Forge’s brainwashing in “The Mind’s Eye.” Even Lwaxana Troi gets some depth, as “Half a Life” provides one of the show’s most tragic love stories.

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