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Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Darmok"
DeCandido at the DVD player, his fingers poised. Picard at the campfire, his face fallen. Ashley Judd, her cameo brief. Paul Winfield in the guest credits, his lack of an Emmy nomination pathetic. "Darmok" on Tor.com, its rewatch written.

An excerpt:
On the surface, night has fallen. Dathon has managed to start a fire to keep warm—Picard’s attempts to do likewise fail (all the boy scouts in the audience are now laughing at him). Dathon’s fire is surrounded by rocks, and after another failed attempt to talk to Picard, he removes the medals from his uniform, seems to pray with them for a moment, then distributes the medals around the circumference of his encampment. As part of the ritual, Dathon touches the medal, then touches his forehead.

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