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Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Ensign Ro"
We meet the Bajorans in general and Ro Laren in particular, as the Cardassians come back, an admiral is a douchenozzle, and Guinan saves the day by being a nice person. The TNG Rewatch introduces "Ensign Ro."

An excerpt:
The Bajorans have been considered analogues for Palestinians, Jews, Kurds, Haitians—the sad reality is that you can pretty much pick and choose. History is full of people who have had their homes taken from them, forced to become refugees.

And that’s part of why they’re effective—but they also are because we get to see them be people. Ro, Keeve, and Orta all have different perspectives on their people’s plight, and they all respond differently to the Enterprise’s presence. Ro ran away—Keeve takes a shot at her for that—and doesn’t want to be ashamed anymore. Keeve has worked tirelessly to help the people who are starving and suffering, while Orta just wants to blow stuff up.

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