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Been a while since there's been a new episode of HG World -- that will change soon -- but it's at least in part 'cause a buttload of us were at Balticon 46 over Memorial Day weekend! To commemorate, we recorded a special roundtable podcast. Hosted by producer/voice actor Bryan Lincoln (Mark), the roundtable features series creator Jay Smith, producer/voice actor Michael Stokes (Major Grant), and voice actors Laura Nicole (Shiva Vesta, Aaron), Carole Stokes (Narrator, Ruby), M Sieiro Garcia (Caitlin, Sarge), Rebecca Rinas (Ronni), Veronica Giguere (Jill Woodbine), and myself (Todd Rage) all babbling about HG World, The Googies, The Diary of Jill Woodbine, Balticon, podcasting, and various and sundry other things.

Check it out! If you subscribe to HG World on iTunes, this episode will download automatically, or you can get it at the link above.

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