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snurched from half the f-list

Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

Band name: Licuala

Album title: Grenada Lake

1. "Los Angeles Times Syndicate"
2. "Mensa"
3. "Douglas DC-7"
4. "Hadahaa"
5. "Merchant Company of Edinburgh"
6. "Woodlawn, North Carolina"
7. "Leader of the Opposition"
8. "Welimada"
9. "Dalang"
10. "Shamrock Rovers F.C."
11. "William C. Oates"
12. "Three Moons Over Milford"
13. "Paroedura"
14. "Western Wheatgrass"
15. "Bruce Nelson"
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