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promotion photos--anatomy of a fight scene

One of the blue belts who went for promotion on Sunday has three kids in the dojo as well. One son, Jack, was also up for promotion, and her daughter, Nicole, was in the waiting area, taking pictures. Here are some of the pictures Nicole took .......

First there's me helping out during the kids' promotion. A bunch of us held big pads and the kids had to punch and kick the things for one minute. This is me with Nicole's brother Jack.

Because there were over a dozen adults going for promotion, Kyoshi split us into groups at various points so he could watch individuals in more depth. This was me, Lio, and Christina -- the latter two yellow belts going for advanced yellow -- getting ready to do our katas.

And then at one point, Kyoshi called me out to the floor by myself to do kehong kumite, which is a prearranged fighting drill. I'm supposed to know six of them (I'll be learning #7 as a brown belt). These two pictures are me in ra dachi, or fighting stance, preparing to do them, and then me in the midst of doing #3 while Kyoshi (sitting at the table) and the other students look on.

Then we have the fighting. Yeeep.

Me facing off against Steven. Steven's actually an advanced brown belt, but he's going for his black belt next month, and for the month prior to the black belt promotion, traditionally you go back to being a white belt until you complete the black belt promotion. Steven's also a vicious fighter, which is why I have that look on my face.....

I also faced Senpai Clai -- who fights in international tournaments and often wins them. Yeah. He didn't bother wearing headgear, and it wasn't like I was going to hurt him.... *chuckle*

I'm in this last picture, really -- I'm the one Senpai Clai is kneeing. *grin* Steven and Senpai Gustavo, whom I also fought, are looking on. I fought nine one-minute rounds altogether: three against Clai, three against Steven, three against Gustavo.


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