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if there was an Internet in 1940

I did a version of this once before, but I expanded it tonight in response to someone on a mailing list who posted a list of Hollywood remakes on the development list and lamenting that Hollywood has run out of ideas. (Of course, this poster didn't take into account that Hollywood spent the last 3.5 months without writers, which may have increased the urge to do remakes.....)

Anyhow, I posted this:

If There Was an Internet in 1940

FDROOLZ: So Howard Hawks is doing yet another version of The Front Page. It's not like we need another version of the play, since Lewis Milestone's was only nine years ago. It's not like it's some obscure thing, either, since it was nominated for three Oscars. I guess Hollywood really has run out of ideas.

CITIZEN_KANE_FAN: Oh, wait, it gets better! Hawks isn't satisfied with raping Milestone's adaptation of a great stage play, but HE MADE HILDY JOHNSON INTO A WOMAN! Can you believe this crap? God, Hollywood is just stocked with prima donna jackasses who want to "reinvent" everything instead of doing something remotely original. I blame Hearst for ruining Orson Welles. He was a real artist....

STAYOUTOFWARINEUROPE: I heard they're doing another version of The Maltese Falcon, too, with that ugly-ass loser Humphrey Bogart as, get this, the romantic lead!!! God, who casts these things, monkeys? You cast Bogart as your bad guy, not your romantic freakin' lead!

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