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Lunacon schedule

Got my schedule for Lunacon 51. With the caveat that it's subject to change (particularly the fellow panelists), here 'tis:

7-8pm: "The Year in TV," Grand South, w/Kathleen O. David puppetmaker40 and David Mack infinitydog
9-10pm: "Comics Media Tie-ins," Poplar, w/Hal Johnson and Alex Wittenberg sdelmonte
10-10.30pm: Reading, Port Chester

11am-2pm: David Honigsberg Life Jam, Mianus River, w/lots and lots of people
2-3pm: "Playing in Someone Else's Sandbox," Birch, w/David Mack and Susan Shwartz greeneyedkzin
5-6pm: "Vampires: Sooooo Five Minutes Ago," Brundage B, w/Laura Anne Gilman suricattus, Michael Grapin, and KT Pinto ktpinto
6-7pm: Autographing, Westchester Assembly, w/David Mack and Joshua Palmatier jpsorrow
7-8pm: Steve Rosenhaus concert, Birch, w/Steve Rosenhaus rosenhaus (obviously)

12-1pm: "Spinning off the Doctor," Grand Center, w/Kathleen O. David, Amy Goldschlager, Terri Osborne terri_osborne, and Lisa Sullivan paleologa
1-2pm: "Talk Nerdy to Me," Bolton, w/Robert Greenberger bob_greenberger, Glenn Hauman glenn_hauman, Terri Osborne, and Karen Sullivan mercystreet
2-3pm: "Making the Leap to Film," Brundage B, w/Jeanne Cavelos, jan howard finder, and David Weingart

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