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irons in the fire update

Rather embarrassed to see that I never posted one of these at the top of February. Oops.


Star Trek: The Next Generation: Slings and Arrows Book 6: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Momnet--page proofs returned on 7 February 2008
CSI: NY: Four Walls--second-pass page proofs returned on 11 February 2008
article for Star Trek: The Magazine--manuscript turned in on 28 February 2008
A Gutted World in Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions--manuscript turned in on 18 December 2007; awaiting copy edit
Supernatural: Bone Key--copy edit returned on 27 February 2008
tie-in comic book--one-third of script turned in on 29 February 2008; remaining two-thirds due 4 March 2008
"Family Matters" in Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows--revised manuscript turned in on 8 October 2007; awaiting copy edit/page proofs
tie-in novel--proposal due 1 April 2008
tie-in comic book--proposal due 1 April 2008
tie-in novella--proposal turned in on 1 July 2007
ghost-written novel--manuscript due 15 February 2008; horribly late, should have it done first week in March 2008, fates willing
ghost-written novel--manuscript due 30 April 2008
essay for Smart Pop book--manuscript due 1 May 2008
article for Assembled! 2--manuscript due 4 March 2008
article for Star Trek: The Magazine--due in May 2008 (or thereabouts)

Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership--page proofs returned on 19 December 2007; awaiting licensor approval
tie-in novel--page proofs returned on 17 December 2007
tie-in novel--manuscript turned in on 10 August 2007; awaiting copy edit
original novel--manuscript sent to me on 24 February 2008; edit due 4 April 2008

Short stories:

"Meiyo" in Age of War: A Classic BattleTech Anthology--manuscript turned in on 3 January 2006; still on hold, but may come off hold soon (or may not)
"Wild Bill Got Shot"--rejected by several places now; still trying to find a market

tie-in anthology--pitch sent to publisher on 25 November 2007
tie-in anthology--will pitch this to publisher in 2008
tie-in anthology--pitch sent to publisher on 3 March 2008

Tie-in novels
tie-in novel--pitch sent to editor on 26 January 2005
tie-in novel--pitch sent to editor on 6 January 2006

Comic books:
comic story--revised pitch sent to editor on 27 September 2007
comic story--pitch sent to editor on 27 September 2007
tie-in comic book miniseries--proposal turned in to editor on 12 October 2007
tie-in comic book miniseries--proposal sent to editor on 19 February 2008
tie-in comic book miniseries--proposal sent to editor on 21 February 2008

Original novels
urban fantasy series--agent is making the rounds with proposal and sample chapters
Dragon Precinct--in talks with publisher about possible revival of series
Super City Police Department--manuscript for first book is in progress
historical mystery novel--need to do research
mystery novel--started it, realized it sucked, on back burner
YA multiauthor series--samples written, on hold for the nonce
urban fantasy series--comatose for the moment
fantasy series--proposal needs to be massively retooled
YA urban fantasy series--need to finish proposal and write sample chapters
SF series--need to write proposal

Articles & essays
"A Prince Among Women" in Smart Pop Wonder Woman book--revision due to editor when the book is back on track
"Whaddaya Mean I Don't Keep the Copyright?" in The SFWA Handbook rev. ed.--I just keep putting this here in the vain hope that it'll be published some time before we achieve peace in the Middle East....

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