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Arlo Guthrie e-mailed me!!!!!!!

I am bouncing off the fucking walls right now....

I was listening to the MORE Together in Concert album on my iTunes, and there's one bit where Arlo makes an offhand reference to wanting to watch Star Trek. I figure cool, he's a Trek fan. So I go to Arlo's web site, and I send off a comment to him, saying I've been a fan forever and would love to send him a copy of one of my Trek novels, but I wanted to know which iteration of Trek he liked.

HE E-MAILED ME BACK!!!!!!1111111!!!!!1111eleventy-one!!

He said he likes 'em all, so I'll probably just send him A Burning House. He also sent me his idea for what the next Trek show should be. *chortlesnoot*

*bouncy bouncy bouncy*

Best day ever, man...........
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