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Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Picked up this DVD at Lunacon and watched it the other night....

First things first: The Teal'c-Tomin scene in the Odyssey mess hall was worth the price of the DVD all by itself. I've been saying since they wiped out the Go'auld that Teal'c has been beyond useless, as without the System Lords to fight, he served no useful function, and that he should've been written out of the show, or at least reduced to recurring status.

That scene, though, justifies putting up with Teal'c's uselessness for two years. Damn. That was some fine writing, and both Christopher Judge and Tim Guinee just nailed it.

It was a fun story, and was a nice end to the Ori arc. While the eponymous device was a deus ex machina, I like the idea of a "weapon" that provides enlightenment, not one that blows shit up. And Julian Sands really sold the devastation at the realization of what he had done. Morena Baccarin was far more effective here than she was in any of her SG1 appearances as Adria (her best work was still when she had been implanted with Baal's symbiote; she was far more effective impersonating Cliff Simon than she was as Teh Ebil, go fig'), and I just loved that General Landry went to the trouble of putting on the leather jacket of badassness when he went to talk to the Prior. ("You can burst into flames now.")

In general, I thought the entire cast brought their A-game. ("How many Replicators?" "A lot.") Interestingly, I found myself enjoying seeing Mitchell the most. Not sure why -- I mean, we've seen Carter and Teal'c recently on Atlantis, and it's not like I didn't miss Daniel and Vala, but seeing Cam again was particularly giddy-inducing for some odd reason. ("Does that mean I have to sit in the chair, sir?") And I really like the Mitchell-Carter relationship because it's so totally not romantic; it's nice to see a man and a woman on TV show really are just friends.

And the teamwork among Vala, Daniel, and Teal'c at the end was nifty: Vala distracted Adria, Daniel entered the code, and Teal'c shot the table.

Fun DVD. Good coda to the series.

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