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Holy shit.

We learned a few things this week: a) fucking with Beck is never a good idea, b) fucking with the people of Jericho is an even worse idea (I loved the fact that Beck's threat to cut off power and food and such was met with such derision by Jake, because Jericho's already been through all that and survived), and c) the middle-management line is one of the greatest in the show's short history.

If the show doesn't get renewed, at least we'll have this second season, which has simply been stellar. I honestly think more shows would benefit from shorter episode commitments. It's not a coincidence that so many cable shows are doing better storytelling in 13 episodes, nor is it a coincidence that Battlestar Galactica's best season was its first (also its shortest). Lost is also benefitting from its shortened season.

And then we have Jericho's seven episodes, which has forced the writers to clear out the deadwood and just focus on the important stuff, and it's done wonders. You can't waste an episode when you've only got a dozen or less.

There's a lesson in this....

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