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not a bad day...

Went to lunch with some friends, many of whom I hadn't seen in an age.

Then I went to a comic-book store for the first time in ages, and bought far more comic books than I intended to. I mean, I just meant to catch up on IDW's Star Trek comics and pick up Serenity: Better Days #1.

But Marvel released Essential Power Man & Iron Fist Volume 1. And Dan Slott, James Fry, and Andrew Pepoy did a comic book called Big Max and it's full of apes! You can't go wrong with apes, man! And Dynamite put out, I swear to Christ, an Army of Darkness/Xena Warrior Princess crossover comic book (and yes, Autolycus is in it, too). And Marvel's doing another Defenders comic book, and this one doesn't actually suck. And Dark Horse put out the 25th anniversary special for Groo the Wanderer. And I thought it might be cool to check out IDW's Doctor Who comic. And -- GAH!

First of all, Big Max is the single best comic book ever published in the history of the universe. Seriously, it's fucking brilliant, and I'm not just saying that because I've known James for years.

The Serenity comic wasn't bad -- the dialogue was as snappy as you'd expect ("Why do I open my mouth?" "Sir, we're none of us sure."), but the art was a bit tough to follow (a problem I also had with the previous Serenity mini).

AOD/Xena is a glorious high concept, and the kickoff is fun -- we'll see how it plays out. Doctor Who nails the Doctor/Martha interaction perfectly, but the plot for #1 was meh, and #2 (which is the beginning of a multipart story) isn't all that much better. The Last Defenders manages to be a nostalgia trip for Defenders fans (but I want more Gargoyle, dammit!!!!!) and fit in nicely with Marvel's new world order. Haven't gotten to Power/Fist yet.

As for Groo -- it's Groo. There are no surprises here, but there is plenty of joy as only Sergio Aragonés can provide.

I mentioned that Big Max was brilliant, right?

Finally, I strongly recommend the Trek comics I got: New Frontier: Turnaround by Peter David and Stephen Thompson and TNG: Intelligence Gathering by Scott & David Tipton and David Messina (the same team that did the superlative Blood Will Tell miniseries last year). Both are excellent.

After that, I bought some other stuff I needed, went to the PO box to find some unexpected money (unexpected in that I forgot about it, as I invoiced it 90 days ago), deposited that money, went home, went to karate, typed up the corrections for the Bone Key page proofs and sent them off to the editor, and finally finished the article I promised Van Allen Plexico for Assembled! 2, a second collection of essays about Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Oh, and I made tomato sauce. It's still simmering as I type, actually.

Tomorrow, more apartment-cleaning, working on a proposal, and karate. And laundry. Boo yeah.

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