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tentative I-Con schedule

I'll be attending I-Con 27 next weekend, and this is more or less my schedule. I say "more or less" because the music track has yet to have the final word on what the Boogie Knights are doing. *sigh* Assuming the tentative times they gave us are accurate:

7-8pm: "Tie-Ins: Putting a Personal Spin on Shared Worlds" w/Terri Osborne, Robert Greenberger, and Aaron Rosenberg
8-8.30pm: autographing
9-10pm: Boogie Knights concert (tentative)
11.30pm-whenever: appearing on WUSB's Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction w/a cast of dozens, hosted by Dr. Howard Margolin

11am-12pm: "Did We Sell Our Souls?: Writing for Star Trek" w/Peter S. Beagle, Norman Spinrad, Peter David, Terri Osborne, and Kat Hankinson
2-3pm: Boogie Knights concert (tentative time)
3-4pm: "Mixing Mystery and Speculative Fiction" w/Charlaine Harris, Adam-Troy Castro, Drew Henrisken, and Jennifer Crawford (might be late for this, depending on Boogie concert)
8pm-whenever: cabaret (the Boogies will be among several acts performing)

1-2pm: "The Agent-Editor-Writer Relationship" w/Joshua Bilmes, Terri Osborne, David A. Kyle, Terry McGarry, and Liz Gorinsky -- so we've got an agent (Joshua), an editor (Liz), an author (Terri), an author-editor-agent-publisher (David), and two author-editors (me and Terry)
2-3pm: Boogie Knights concert (tentative time; may need to scarper from previous panel early)

More updates as they happen -- or not.

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