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Jerciho finale

transient_dude reminded me that I hadn't posted about the season two finale of Jericho....

This whole season has been a clinic in tight screenwriting, and the finale was the finest example. There was not a single wasted moment anywhere in this episode, no time wasted, and yet they got everything in and it never once felt rushed. Plus there were some damn fine lines, from Gray's embolism line to pretty much all the dialogue between Jake and Hawkins ("How are we going to locate the bomb?" "No idea"; "I'm ignoring you"). They even snuck a wedding in.

It was also both a good ending yet also left things open in case someone else (say, USA or Sci-Fi) picks it up. Similar to what they did on Supernatural last year -- the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose" wouldn't have been a bad place to end things if the show got cancelled, but it left things ready for a possible (and, eventually, actual) third season.

I'm starting to think that every TV show should be forced into shorter seasons. The writing would improve exponentially....

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