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my 2008 baseball season predictions

Over at the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog, to which I sometimes contribute, they're running a prediction contest. We're all to make predictions about the 2008 baseball season, and then we'll see who got closest at the end of September.

Here's mine:

AL East
1) Boston Red Sox
2) New York Yankees
3) Tampa Bay Rays
4) Toronto Blue Jays
5) Baltimore Orioles

AL Central
1) Cleveland Indians
2) Detroit Tigers
3) Kansas City Royals
4) Minnesota Twins
5) Chicago White Sox

AL West
1) City That Is Actually In Another County And Several Miles South of Los Angeles Angels
2) Oakland A’s
3) Seattle Mariners
4) Texas Rangers

AL ROY: Joba Chamberlain (why not?)
AL Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia
AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera, even though A-Rod will have a better year, but the BBWAA won’t give it to the same guy two years in a row
AL Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon

NL East
1) New York Mets
2) Washington Nationals
3) Atlanta Braves
4) Philadelphia Phillies
5) Florida Marlins

NL Central
1) Chicago Cubs
2) Milwaukee Brewers
3) Cincinnati Reds
4) St. Louis Cardinals
5) Pittsburgh Pirates
6) Houston Astros

NL West
1) Arizona Diamondbacks
2) Colorado Rockies
3) San Diego Padres
4) Los Angeles Dodgers
5) San Francisco Giants

NL ROY: Kosuke Fukudome
NL Cy Young: Johan Santana
NL MVP: David Wright
NL Manager of the Year: Manny Acta

Some of these choices are a bit bizarre—like the Nats finishing that high, but I think they have some surprises in them, and I think that the Braves and Phillies have a lot that can go wrong, and I’m arbitrarily predicting that they will. I also think the Mets will win their division with fewer wins than they had while finishing in second last year.

The top four of the NL West are all but interchangeable, and I think they’ll be within 3-4 games of each other. I’m going with the Dodgers in fourth just because I’m half-expecting Torre to let Juan Pierre play every day, and Nomaaaaaahhhhh to get playing time at LaRoche’s expense. Also Jeff Kent will finally go over the cliff, but Torre will play him anyhow.

I think the AL West is going to be awful this year. The Angels will come out on top, but only because they won’t be challenged by the rebuilding A’s, the awful Rangers, or the overrated Mariners.

I honestly think the Rays will vault to third, though it’ll be a distant third behind the NYY-BOS juggernaut, and that the Blue Jays and O’s will suck even more than we think.

I only think the Reds will be as high as third because the other three teams in the division are so bad. I also think the Cubs will win with 85 wins. In fact, I’ll be stunned if any team in the NL breaks 100 wins, and I’ll be equally stunned if fewer than three AL teams do.

I also think the only 100-loss team will be the Giants.

Wild card? Either the Yanks or Tigers in the AL, and the Rockies in the NL.

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