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attention Shore Leave attendees -- such a deal!

I have just gotten off the phone with norda, and we're all set -- there will be many many copies of Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership at Shore Leave 30 this July. I will be selling the book at Meet the Pros Friday night and other places at the convention for the low low price of $20 -- that's a Shore Leave 30 special price. (The book retails for $28-30 U.S., plus shipping, depending on the exchange rate.)

As an added bonus, if you get the book at Shore Leave, not only will you save a few bucks, you will also be able to get the anthology editor and nine of the twelve authors to sign the thing for you, as the following will all be attending the convention:

It's also, if I do say so myself, a damnfine anthology with some excellent stories about the first eight Doctors meeting leaders throughout history (and elsewhere).
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