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snurched from miintikwa

The rule is you can't duplicate the answers of the person you took it from.

1. Name something a claustrophobic person should not get into:
A closet

2. What one thing does a woman spend the most time on when getting ready to go on a date?
Never having been a woman, I haven't the first fucking clue.

3. What is a Spanish word that everyone knows the meaning of?

4. Name something in your bathroom that you leave plugged in all the time?
The CD player.

5. Besides golfers, what is something you see on a golf course?

6. Name a household chore you actually enjoy:
Uhm.... Uh....

7. Name something you walk out on:
Time. (What? I often walk out of the house on time...)

8. Name a place where you see nervous people:
Hospital waiting rooms.

9. Name something that can be cherry flavored.

10. Complete this phrase: "I’ll never forget my first _____":

11. Name another word for "Dad":

12. Name another word for "Mom":

13. Name something a married couple might want to have 2 of:

14. What is the first part of a person’s body to lose the war with gravity?
Feet. No matter how hard you try, they always wind up on the ground eventually.

15. Name something that is sold by the bunch:

16. What age would you retire if you had enough money?

17. Name something you find on a kitchen table:
On ours? Christ, name it....

18. Name something that rhymes with “dizzy”:

19. Tell me how many people you kissed last New Year’s Eve:

20. Name something you see in a jail cell:
A toilet.

21. Name a month with 31 days:

22. Name an occupation where you might work all night:

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