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technology lets us down

Well, okay, that's stretching it a little, but technology has been a pain. Turns out the issue with the wireless network wasn't Friday's torrential downpour, but the fact that our DSL modem is five years old and doesn't work anymore. Verizon's sending us a new one, but until it arrives, we have to piggyback on someone else's wireless network. Unfortunately, most of our neighbors are smart and secure their networks. One who doesn't is only able to be picked up if you're in the back half of the apartment, to wit, the living room and my office, and the signal's sporadic, which keeps things interesting....

Got the delivery check for GWP1, which was nice, and also dropped off the Wounds pages. I also caught up on last week's Lost and a couple of episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures (the Gorgon two-parter), and had a very good karate class. We've got some new belts -- two new blue belts, a new advanced blue belt, seven new yellow belts (well, five -- two others are taking the makeup promotion and so are still advanced blue), one new green belt, and one new advanced green (who apparently threw up in the middle of his fighting during the promotion, poor guy). The green and three of the yellows were in class tonight, learning cool new things.

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