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Sorry for not posting much over the weekend. terri_osborne and I were busy with Operation: Beat The Fucking Apartment Into Shape, plus Saturday there was karate and Sunday there was Father's Day dinner in Little Italy. My CDs and DVDs are all re-filed, many items were placed in the garage, several surfaces are cleaner than they've been in a while, all the bits where the paint has chipped has been painted over, and we almost have a living room floor again. Oh, and we have a new couch cover.

We also watched some nifty TV, including Doctor Who's "Midnight" -- it was good horror, but not very good Who; it felt like one of those episodes of The Outer Limits that desperately wanted to be a Twilight Zone episode -- and In Plain Sight -- which continues to be wonderful.

I got a little bit of writing done, but not much. *sigh* Need to catch up this week. Tonight is long-overdue getting together with the Geek Patrol for my birthday viewing (yes, my birthday was two months ago -- we have busy lives....).
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