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two more Quality of Leadership reviews

Kevin Lauderdale has reviewed Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership for Author magazine. Money quote:

Peter David delivers a pun-filled, sci-fi meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail story of King Arthur in “One Fateful Knight.” Fans of Roman-era Britain will enjoy Terri Osborne’s detail-rich recreation of the first century in “Good Queen, Bad Queen, I Queen, You Queen” with the Doctor and Romana in the court of ancient Queen Boudicca ... “Clean Up on Aisle Two” by James Swallow best exemplifies the book’s title and theme as the Doctor helps a night-shift supermarket manager find his potential. “The Spindle of Necessity” by Allyn Gibson is the best story in the collection. When the Doctor meets the philosopher Plato, this (what else?) Socratic dialog encompasses philosophy, destiny, and the nature of the universe.

Also, Doctor Who Magazine #396 has a review of the anthology by Matt Michael. Money quote:

A majority of the stories feature the Doctor meeting great leaders from Earth's history and debunking them, while showing that actually they have that certain something that sets them apart from other people. What is that 'certain something'? The themes that run through these stories are that leadership is about taking the long view, making difficult choices and doing the right thing -- even though it terrifies you. This is what the Doctor has to do on a daily basis, so we can infer that by understanding these leaders a bit better, we can get a glimpse of what it's like to be a Time Lord.
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