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"Whispers" (spoilers)

The Bad: Every horror-movie cliché in the book, exacerbated by Sheppard acknowledging it by saying, "All we need is the prom queen and the guy in the wheelchair to disappear," and then, like, five seconds later, he says, "Let's split up, we can cover more ground that way." *facepalm*

Also, how fucking unaware are Sheppard and McKay of their goddamn jobs? Sheppard is the CO of military operations on Atlantis, and he doesn't know the composition of the teams under him? There's no way he should've been surprised that Major Teldy's team is all female. And McKay is the head of the science folks on the base, so how could he not know who Dr. Alison Porter is? Basically, they made the two leads incompetent for cheap laughs, which is pathetic.

The Good: I want to see more of Major Teldy's team. They rock. I was also amused that the one member of her team we've seen before, Captain Vega (who was also in the season opener) is the one who was killed -- without even getting a line of dialogue. In fact, she was apparently hyped as a recurring character...

Also despite the clichés, it was a very effective little horror movie...

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