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yet another review!

steve_mollmann reviews both volumes of Star Trek: Myriad Universes -- among other things -- on his LJ.

Money quote regarding A Gutted World:
My favorite of these was DeCandido's A Gutted World; he once again demonstrates that he is the master of capturing character in this or any other universe, as we see how the characters we know and love would have developed had things gone slightly differently in 2369. It's a solid look at people we know in desperate circumstances, and Keith's use of continuity is as adept as ever, never obtrusive.

I know I've been linking to a lot of reviews of this one, but this is a story that I was incredibly nervous about. It's far darker than anything I've done before, and I honestly had no idea whether or not the story actually worked. That it's come in for so much praise is, frankly, something of a relief. *chuckle*

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