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Supernatural season premiere (with spoilers)

So I finally got "Lazarus Rising," the fourth-season premiere of Supernatural, off iTunes, and just finished watching it.

Okay, first of all, I need to get this pet peeve out of the way: Why is Dean doubting the existence of God and angels? The exorcisms that they did in "Devil's Trap," "Crossroad Blues," and "Born Under a Bad Sign" (and, parenthetically, in my novel Bone Key) all invoke God. Without that particular higher power the exorcisms don't work. This bugged me in "Houses of the Holy," and it bugged me a lot more here.

That out of the way, this is an interesting twist. I thought for sure that they'd spend several episodes getting Dean out of hell. This is different, and I think I like it. I also like that Ruby's part of it, and that someone other than Katie Cassidy is playing her. This is not a dis against Cassidy, who was fine, but it makes story sense. There's no way there'd be anything left of the blonde Ruby and then Lilith possessed, so they really had to re-cast. I prefer that than a feeble excuse to keep an actor around because she has a contract.

I loved Bobby's "welcome" for Dean, and I loved Sam putting an iPod jack in the Impala, and I loved that mere mortals could not see the face of an angel, and I loved Ruby's exact phrasing of "it's like nothing I've seen," and I loved that Sam's building his psychic gifts to the point where he can perform exorcisms by grimacing a lot.

But mostly I love that they contrived a way to bring back Nicki Aycox and C. Malik Whitfield next week as Meg and Agent Henriksen. *goofy grin*
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