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I.K.S. Gorkon books reviewed

steve_roby has been catching up on his Trek reading of late. Besides a review of infinitydog's just released Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night, he has also reviewed some oldies: Bob Ingersoll & Tony Isabella's 2004 novel The Case of the Colonist's Corpse and my three I.K.S. Gorkon novels, 2003's A Good Day to Die and Honor Bound and 2005's Enemy Territory.

Money quote:
The duology is almost like a Mirror or Myriad Universe tale in a way; the Gorkon's mission is, after all, the Klingon equivalent of the various Enterprises' mission, and resembles some of the more extreme anti-imperialist critiques of the original Star Trek. And yet, though the Klingons' values are almost antithetical to ours and the Federation's, KRAD ensures that we not only understand Klag and his crew, we sympathize with them and cheer them on. That's no mean feat.
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