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age amusement in the Starbucks

So I go into the Starbucks, and there's a woman there wearing a blue Yankees shirt. It's a fairly common item: navy blue shirt, the interlocking NY logo over the heart, and a number and name on the back. The most popular ones are Derek Jeter (#2) and Alex Rodriguez (#13), but you see others, including some old-timers. (I myself have a Jorge Posada, #20, and a Nick Johnson, #36.). The woman in the Starbucks had a Thurman Munson (#15) shirt. (I have a replica uniform jersey with Thurm's 15 on it, myself.) I complimented the woman on her taste, saying that Thurm was my favorite player when I was a kid.

She scoffed and said I couldn't possibly have been born when Thurm died in a plane crash in 1979. I assured her that I was 39 years old and remembered August 1979 quite clearly as a ten year old. She was boggled, and refused to believe me right up until I offered to show my driver's license, at which point she accepted it (but declined to see the license, which is good, as the picture sucks).

This isn't the first time I've come into the Starbucks and been mistaken for a college student. *heh*
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