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irons in the fire update

My article on the myth of James T. Kirk, maverick who doesn't follow orders, was turned into my editor at Titan on 13 August and should be in the next issue of Star Trek Magazine to hit the stands. My next piece, which will be about the Mirror Universe, is due 30 September, and I'm in the midst of the research for that right now.

Speaking of the MU, I returned the page proofs for my short story "Family Matters" for Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows to my editor at Pocket on 15 September.

All four scripts for Farscape: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (which I still am not sure is the final title) were turned in to BOOM! Studios on, respectively, 18 August, 28 August, 8 September, and 22 September. The art for issue #1 is coming along nicely.

I returned the copy edit for Star Trek: A Singular Destiny to Pocket on 5 September, and am awaiting page proofs.

The manuscript for "The Unhappy Ones," the Klingon novella for Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins is due to Pocket on 30 November. I turned in the script for "Four Thousand Throats..." the Klingon issue of the Star Trek: Alien Spotlight II comic book miniseries was turned in on 10 March. The art's being worked on.

The manuscript for StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres is due to Pocket on 31 October. So is the manuscript for Ghost Writing Project #2.

I turned in the foreword for the Supernatural Smart Pop essay collection to BenBella Books on 26 August, and an article for Assembled! 2 to White Rocket Books on 26 March, and am awaiting page proofs for both.

I've sent two pitches for a tie-in short story anthology to the editor tonight. I also have six pitches with three different comic book companies, two sent on 13 August, two sent on 26 August, and two sent last September.

Two tie-in novel pitches and one tie-in anthology pitch are awaiting my getting around to putting them together. Another tie-in anthology pitch was sent to the editor on 3 March.

A tie-in novel I line edited is all done and will be published in the new year.

"Wild Bill Got Shot" is still awaiting me figuring out where to send it.

Dragon Precinct is pretty much on hold indefinitely. Two other original novels are equally on life support.

I've got another original novel that requires a ton of research to do justice to. I've got two others that I started, went off kilter on, and now know how to fix, but haven't had time to rewrite. Three other notions don't even have proposals yet, but they're ideas I really really like.

Two other essays are also on hold indefinitely.

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