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some political stuff for a Sunday night

Senator John McCain is a big fat liar liar pants on fire. In 2000, after being the victim of robocalls by Governor Bush's campaign, he said: "I promise you, I have never and will never have anything to do with that kind of political tactic." Eight years later, he's using that very political tactic. His rationale for breaking his word? "They worked." (Link courtesy bill_leisner.)

A video of General Colin Powell's appearance on Meet the Press, where he -- after contributing to Senator McCain's campaign last year -- endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President, in a fascinating and eloquent statement. In particular, the bit at about 4.28 in the video where he discusses the perception (encouraged by the McCain campaign and the Republican Party) that Senator Obama is a Muslim is truth of the highest order. (Link courtesy kvaadk.)

A piece by John Marshall of Talking Points Memo about Senator McCain's gutter campaign and how it still might work, and how we have to be careful not to underestimate this racist tactic. (Link courtesy tiggerallyn.)

A hilarious video of the response of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker, to Governor Sarah Palin's non-answer to Katie Couric regarding what newspapers she reads. (Link courtesy infinitydog.)

Paula Poundstone wonders on the 23/6 blog ("some of the news, most of the time") if anyone is actually listening to President George W. Bush anymore. (Link courtesy trillsie.)

Governor Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live last night. Here are a couple of links from discussion of same on Fox News (which is my way of being fair and balanced -- or something): The opening skit where Governor Palin replaced Tina Fey on the stage, and also the bit where Alec Baldwin mistakes Palin for Tina Fey. (As a bonus, you get a brief clip from Senator McCain's recent Late Show with David Letterman appearance.) Then we have an excessively pregnant Amy Poehler on Weekend Update doing a rap while Palin and Seth Meyer bop along. (Palin, BTW, has rhythm, which is more than be said for Meyer....) Props to Poehler, as it's a rare comedienne who can rap, dance, and shoot a moose while nine months pregnant.....

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