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my Sunday feeling...

The weekend has been spent doing many moving things. Both terri_osborne and I have started moving things into our respective offices, and between the two of us (mostly her) we finished off the painting. I've also (gasp) made some progress on GWP2, which is good, as I have to have it finished in two weeks...................

Tomorrow, I move more stuff into my office, and also start boxing some things up here (mostly things on/in items that will be moved). I also have to look into a new king-sized bed frame.

Then tomorrow night is the final day of the black belt promotion. The way it works is that black belt candidates from all four NYC dojos have a three-part promotion that's just them and other black belts (including all the senior-most folks in our discipline): on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Then on Monday is the last part of the promotion, which is held at the separate dojos, and includes the participation of the other color belts. Basically, the regular Monday night color belt class becomes the final day of the black-belt promotion. At the end of it, they're awarded their belts, and then we all go out to a local Japanese place for dinner and saké.

We have a lot of people going up -- some second-degree black belts going for third degree, a first-degree going for his second, and several advanced brown belts going for their first-degree.

After this, I will be effectively the senior-most color belt in the dojo. (There's another brown belt who's senior to me, but he hasn't been at the dojo in months. If I am promoted to advanced brown belt next month, as I'm truly hoping, though that decision is not in my hands, then I really will be the senior-most color belt in the dojo.)

In other news, and with apologies to greeneyedkzin, fibro_witch, suricattus, querldox, and any other Red Sox fans reading this, the Rays are beating the BoSox 3-1 after eight innings. In the top of the eighth, Nancy J.D. Drew struck out looking with the bases loaded to short-circuit a potential rally. BTW, David "Big Fatty" Ortiz, the Bestest Clutch Hitter EVAR!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!1111eleventy-one1111, has been up twice in potential run-scoring situations with one out. The first time, he struck out, with Dustin Pedroia thrown out stealing (on, I might add, the world's most perfect throw to second by Dioner Navarro). The second time, with runners at first and second, he grounded into a forceout.

Three outs to the possibility of the Tampa Bay Rays going to the World Series for the first time in their ten-year history, and good for them, say I. They were the league's punching bag for a decade, but they've spent the last several years using their basement-level status to make some excellent draft choices, and those picks are the backbone of the 2008 AL East champions.

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