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another day bites the dust....

After my late waking up, and waiting for UPS to deliver the standing cabinet/counter thingie we ordered from Sears, I went downtown to go to the PO box and talk to an editor about a possible project, then came home with terri_osborne. We had an adventure on the express bus, when the heavy wind blew what looked like a cable or wire onto the mirror and wrapped itself around it. The driver was concerned that it might be live, but it turned out, after a brief investigation, to be a regular piece of rope, albeit a long one.

Then we came home and did more moving stuff. Terri put together the cabinet/counter thingie (a lengthy and complex job), and I moved down most of our artwork, a sideboard, and a bookcase. I then shelved the books I'd brought down last week, most of which fit in the three bookcases I've thus far brought down.

More later....

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