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movin', movin', movin'....

Due to a surprise set of circumstances, to wit, a skinny doorway, terri_osborne and I had to switch desks. This is because my keen wood desk that I've had for 15 years is half an inch too big to fit in the doorway. And the desk is basically a solid block of wood--you can't take it apart. And it's, y'know, wood, so that half inch might as well be a foot. It ain't gonna fit.

So Terri gets my desk, and I get her spiffy corner desk, which takes up less room but is higher. It also means I can fit my file cabinet (which I was going to put in the garage) in the office. So it works out okay.

She's putting the desk together now. Once she's done, I can put stuff on it and then actually work in my office! Woo!
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