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queried by booraven22

booraven22 is doing a five questions meme where you speak in her LJ and she asks five questions. I'm supposed to do likewise, but I know I don't have time to do that properly. I'll make up for it by doing an open question post after Thanksgiving, but in the meantime, here are Boo's questions:

1. Given that you have written in numerous genres, what genre have you not tackled yet, that you'd be interested in tackling? It might be fun to tackle a paranormal romance. I've done SF, fantasy, horror, and mystery already....

2. Favorite con memory? Oh geez, there are so many to choose from. Do I go with meeting Robert Meyer Burnett at Comic-Con during which I fangoober him regarding Free Enterprise at the exact same time that he fangoobers me regarding Articles of the Federation? Being lectured by a very drunk Jerry Doyle about drunk driving? Sitting in a suite at Dragon*Con discussing politics with Peter David, Walter Koenig, and George Takei? Meeting Ben Browder and he recognizes me because he's read both my Farscape novel and my BBS posts? Dragon*Con 2007 when I realize to my astonishment that the really really long autograph line is for me? Having dinner with Stan Lee? Having lunch with Nathan Fillion, Camden Toy, and a bunch of fans at the Big Damned Flanvention? Telling Joss Whedon about Blackout and him thinking it sounded cool? Having Jason Carter yell my last name, slightly modified (he added an L in a dirty place), across a crowded room? Doing the "Bleacher Creature" sketch at the Shore Leave masquerade with Terri? Any number of Boogie Knights concerts? Too many to choose from........

3. Which is less pleasant, being seated next to a frothing right winger on a long plane ride, or cornered by a frothing fangirl/fanboy flogging the "NOT CANON!" argument? Oh, the latter, definitely. On a plane, I'm always wearing headphones anyhow....

4. Which Trek-Verse is your fave to write? And which character? A tie between the crews of the U.S.S. da Vinci and the I.K.S. Gorkon, for obvious reasons. As for character -- gyah. Probably Leader Wol from the latter crew.

5. All things being equal, if offered the slot, would the Boogie Knights open for Jethro Tull? Heh. Well, I'd love it, but it'd be up to the whole band.....
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