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looking back....

I gotta say, while there were some wonderful things in 2008 -- I made brown belt, my first comic-book work in almost a decade was published, the revival of The Chronic Rift, being one of George Takei's backup singers, the election of Barack Obama -- there were some parts that truly sucked the wet farts out of dead pigeons.

In January I finished Supernatural: Bone Key, spoke at the Science Fiction Society of Northern New Jersey, celebrated drewshi's 40th birthday, the fifth and final season of The Wire (my favoritest TV show ever) started, Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House came off press, I announced the table of contents for Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership, terri_osborne and I attended Arisia, Robbie Greenberger was diagnosed with the leukemia that would eventually kill him, the Mets acquired Johan Santana in a trade, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Senator John Edwards both dropped out of the presidential race, and I helped suricattus move.

In February, the Giants won the pennant Super Bowl, I started Ghost Writing Project #1, I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my first novel to be published (Gargantua, a TV movie novelization I wrote under the pseudonym of K. Robert Andreassi), the screenwriters' strike ended, Terri and I attended Farpoint (which also included the Boogie Knights' first 2008 performance), I was promoted to brown belt, celebrated popfiend's 40th birthday, Fidel Castro resigned as Cuba's president (one of many things in 2008 that I never thought I'd live to see), Supernatural creator Eric Kripke his own self approved the manuscript for Bone Key, our older cat Marcus turned 16, I changed the cat litter for the first time in the seven years I'd lived with cats, Star Trek Magazine #10 came out with my article on the fourth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, helgabee retired, and I started the script for Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons.

In March, Pocket Books put the original eBook line that I edited on hiatus, The Wire aired its series finale, I finished the Alien Spotlight script, I stealth-attended the last day of a Creation Star Trek show in Sescaucus, the Unreality SF web site debuted, Governor Eliot Spitzer got caught up in a sex scandal, the BBC approved The Quality of Leadership, Arlo Guthrie e-mailed me, Terri and I attended Lunacon, and I finally finished GWP1 (over a month late).

In April, I turned 39, guest-lectured at UConn-Storrs and did a signing at their Coop, I was nominated for three Scribe Awards, Terri and I attended I-Con (which also had more Boogie Knights performances), I went to Rabbi David Honigsberg's unveiling and then to the birthday party of drewshi's kids on the same day (life and death in one shot...), the Forebearance and I saw Shine a Light at the Ziegfeld, I attended New York Comic-Con on my birthday weekend (where Star Trek: A Singular Destiny and StarCraft: Ghost Academy were announced), Star Trek Magazine #11 with my article on Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season was released, I posted "Crime of Passion" (a Dragon Precinct story) for the Second Annual International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, and CSI: NY: Four Walls came off press.

In May, I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my being freelance, I turned in the revision of GWP1, I bought my ASUS EEE PC mini-laptop and named it Opportunity, I announced that I was writing StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres, I saw Arlo Guthrie perform in Patchogue (after a lovely dinner with Peter & Kathleen David), The Quality of Leadership came off press, we found out that Marcus has diabetes, I spoke at the Pennwriters Conference, Steven Moffat (my favoritest Doctor Who writer ever) was announced as taking over running Doctor Who in 2010, Phoenix landed on Mars, did some work on Super City Police Department, and I went through some severe personal shit.

In June, I started writing A Singular Destiny, Terri and I postponed our planned wedding, Senator Barack Obama was declared the presumptive Democratic nominee for president of the United States (the first time that had happened to someone who wasn't a white male), Rep. Dennis Kucinich read articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush, the New York Mets fired manager Willie Randolph, booraven22 and brpellis stayed with us for a weekend (one of the absolute high points of the entire year), and I participated in a tournament at the dojo (in which I did less well than I'd have liked).

In July, Terri and I attended Shore Leave (including more Boogie Knights concerts, doing Mystery Trekkie Theatre 3000, being one of George Takei's backup singers, we did a ton of publicity for Quality of Leadership, and the usual nonsense), Associated Content ran an interview with me, I finished A Singular Destiny, the Farscape comics from BOOM! Studios was announced (though not my participation in same, yet), I failed to win in any of the three Scribe Award categories I was nominated in, and celebrated jafinnola's 40th birthday.

In August, Terri and I did a "Brendan Fraser Fest" by seeing The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D back to back at the same theatre, and we also saw Extreme with King's X at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza, I went to a Mets-Padres game at Shea Stadium, I sold "Meiyo" to the web site, I went to the dojo's annual beach training, Robbie Greenberger lost his battle with leukemia, I turned in my second proposal for the Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins anthology (which the editor liked, as opposed to the first one), Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions (with my novel A Gutted World) came off press, Terri and I went to 3Pi-Con, I finished the scripts for Farscape #1-2 (and that I was the one writing it was finally announced, along with an interview in Previews), Senator Barack Obama was officially nominated to be the Democratic candidate for president, Star Trek Magazine #13 was released (with my article on the third season of the original series), I got to meet actor Michael Boatman at a magnificent reading/signing by debg, Senator John McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, and Terri and I went to Dragon*Con.

In September, Terri and I continued to attend Dragon*Con (including going to a party held by Peter & Kathleen David, during which I got to discuss politics with Peter, George Takei, and Walter Koenig; and a wonderful post-con dinner with zen_sakka and miintikwa), the full table of contents of Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows was announced, The Rachel Maddow Show debuted to much-deserved acclaim on MSNBC, The Chronic Rift returned as a podcast with many of the same lunatics who did it as a 1990s public access TV show (including, y'know, me), I broke my little toe, I wrote the scripts for Farscape #3-4, I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to support breast-cancer research along with several fellow karateka, George Takei and Brad Altman got married, Terri and I both fell hard for the British TV show Primeval, I started Ghost Writing Project #2, I got an iPhone, Senators McCain and Obama had their first presidential debate, and Supernatural: Bone Key came off press.

In October, Governor Palin and Senator Joe Biden had their one-and-only vice-presidential debate, Senators Obama and McCain had their other two, Terri and I commenced our move to our new place, I went with girasole and the Infomancer to visit my grandmother, girasole and I attended the Southeast Pennsylvania Library Association conference (she gave a speech, I sold and signed books), General Colin Powell endorsed Senator Obama for president, the Tampa Bay Rays won the American League Championship after being the league's punching bag for a decade, the head of my dojo was promoted to a sixth-degree black belt, David Tennant announced his departure from Doctor Who after the 2009 specials, and the Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Championship since 1980.

In November, I along with a plurality of the American electorate voted for Barack Obama for president, I FINALLY finished GWP2, the Boogie Knights did a charity concert, Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Wounds (with my novella Security) came off press, I got kicked in the head in fighting class, I attended the Big Apple Con, I wrote "The Unhappy Ones" for the Seven Deadly Sins anthology, my one-shot comic book Star Trek: Alien Spotlight: Klingons was announced for publication in April 2009, I attended Career Day at my old high school, Terri and I attended Philcon, The Shield aired its series finale, and I had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat with Terri and the family.

In December, a student chose me as the subject of a project for his Literature class, we FINALLY finished moving into our new apartment, started writing both StarCraft: Ghost Academy and StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres, Marco Palmieri (the editor responsible for the lion's share of my work since the turn of the century) was laid off by Simon & Schuster, I submitted CSI: NY: Four Walls and Supernatural: Bone Key for consideration in the Scribe Awards, found a "vodcast" by a young woman doing a school report on Resident Evil: Extinction where she said the book changed her life, CC Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees, it was announced that Majel Barrett-Roddenberry provided the voice of the computer for the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie (in what would turn out to be her final role), I attended the dojo holiday party, an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at President Bush (thus fulfilling a lifelong dream of many Americans), scripted Farscape: Strange Detractors #1, was pushed as a candidate to replace Senator Hillary Clinton as the junior senator from New York once she becomes secretary of state, scripted the prologue and Chapter 1 of Ghost Academy #1, Farscape #1 (my first comic book in nine years) was released to mostly favorable reviews and sold out in five days, another comic book project was approved and I scripted the first issue, a scene from Supernatural: Nevermore was filmed by students for an English class, Shards and Shadows came off press, and I celebrated the new year with family.

Finally, rest in peace to those we lost in 2008: Forrest J Ackerman, Robert Lynn Asprin, Molly Bagnall, Carol Barnes, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Jeremy Beadle, Christopher Bowman, William F. Buckley Jr., Aglis Budrys, Johnny Byrne, George Carlin, Johnnie Carr, Julius Carry, Cyd Charisse, Arthur C. Clarke, Alexander Courage, Michael Crichton, Sue Cunningham, Don S. Davis, Bo Diddley, Thomas M. Disch, Madelyn Dunham, William Elder, Dock Ellis, Danny Federici, W. Mark "Deep Throat" Felt, Bobby Fischer, George Francis, Steve Gerber, Estelle Getty, E. Gary Gygax, Isaac Hayes, Senator Jesse Helms, Charlton Heston, Sir Edmund Hillary, Tony Hillerman, Clive Hornby, Private James Hoyt, Robert H. Justman, Janet Kagan, Stanley Kamel, Ted Key, Eartha Kitt, Harvey Korman, Heath Ledger, Robert Legault, Humphrey Littleton, Mildred Loving, Bernie Mac, the Maharishi Maheshi Yogi, Miriam Makeba, Anthony Minghella, Jim Mooney, Barry Morse, Bobby Murcer, Paul Newman, Maila "Vampira" Nurmi, Odetta, Bettie Page, Geoffrey Perkins, Joseph Pevney, Harold Pinter, Suzanne Pleshette, Sydney Pollack, Brad Renfro, Tim Russert, Yves Saint Laurent, Roy Scheider, Paul Scofield, Tony Snow, Mark Speight, Kathy Staff, Dave Stevens, Bill Strauss, Brian M. Thomsen, Don Walsh, Donald Westlake, Joan Winston, Stan Winston, xnamkrad, and my good, dear friend, and the Boogie Knights' noble squire, Robbie Greenberger.

Here's to 2009!
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