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irons in the fire

Farscape comics:

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning is all done from my perspective. Issue #1 came out last week and sold out five days later. The other issues should come monthly.

Strange Detractors #1 has been scripted and is awaiting Mr. O'Bannon's pleasure. The scripts for #2-4 are due on, respectively, 15 January, 1 February, and 15 February (though I'm hoping to get them done sooner than that).

Star Trek:

A Singular Destiny is done, and should be out later this month.

The script for Alien Spotlight: Klingons is done, and artwork is coming in now (and it looks great!!!!). It should be published in April.

I turned in the manuscript for "The Unhappy Ones," the Klingon wrath novella for Seven Deadly Sins, on 1 December 2008; I'm waiting on the copy edit, which may be a wait, as the book was bumped to spring 2010.

I had two novels in the works (but not even at the written proposal stage) with Marco Palmieri when he was laid off. Of the two, one I think is still going to happen; the other I suspect will not. I also have a comics pitch that I first sent to IDW in late 2007, and which may or may not happen.


I turned in the script for the prologue and Chapter 1 of Ghost Academy Volume 1 on 19 December 2008. Chapter 2 is due 11 January (which will be do-able, assuming Blizzard's feedback comes in a timely manner, as I don't want to start it until I know I was on the right track with Chapter 1), with Chapter 3 due 31 January, Chapter 4 due 21 February, and Chapter 5 due 13 March.

Still waiting for the formal approval of the plots for Volumes 2-3 of Ghost Academy, but I can't even start scripting that until late March anyhow... *laughs*

Ghost: Spectres is in progress, due to Pocket by the end of this month. Not sure when this is scheduled to be published. I'm hoping it and GA will both come out around the end of 2009/beginning of 2010.

I also have some pitches rummaging around for future volumes of the Frontline manga anthologies, but that's all preliminary right now.

The Comic Book That Shall Not Be Named:

It'll be named next month, if all goes according to plan. Anyhow, the first script was turned in yesterday, with the next one due 20 January.

Smart Pop:

"Not Just a Pretty Face (or Two)," the foreword for In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural is done, with the page proofs sent back to BenBella Books on 12 December 2008. The book's due to be published in March.

"A Prince Among Women," my essay for the Wonder Woman Smart Pop collection is on hold until such a time as the collection is on a schedule (which requires the WW film to be likewise).

Other stuff:

A tie-in short story is due 25 April; still waiting for word on which of the two pitches I sent is the one the licensor wants me to write.

A shared-world novelette is awaiting the series bible being hammered out.

The two Ghost Writing Projects (which I may break down and identify by name at some point) are turned in and done. Presumably, they'll be published this year, though I haven't heard one way or the other yet.

I sent an update of my article "Avengers Assemble--in the Bookstore!" to the editor of the forthcoming charity essay collection Assembled! 2 on 30 December 2008. It should be out some time this year.

I just today submitted the short short "Behold a White Tricycle," originally written for the never-happened 44 Clowns: 11 Stories of the 4 Clowns of the Apocalypse, to The Town Drunk. Still don't have a market for my other silly short short "Wild Bill Got Shot."

I have three tie-in anthology notions that I need to pull together pitches for.

I have two comics pitches that have been languishing in limbo with an editor who asked for them in summer 2007.

I have two proposals in with a comics company, one of which got a revisions request (and the other of which got a comparatively lukewarm response). I'm going to try to get to those revisions this week.

All my original stuff is in limbo, though I may have the chance to dive back into one particular project after Spectres is done.
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