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some Trek book news

As reported on TrekMovie, Pocket Books editor Margaret Clark has made some announcements regarding the Trek line in the wake of the laying off of her cohort Marco Palmieri.

Here are the ones that matter to me:

Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows, A Singular Destiny, and Mere Anarchy are all on track to be released in January, February, and March, respectively. However, the Seven Deadly Sins anthology has been moved to March 2010 from its August 2009 slot, and the next Corps of Engineers omnibus, Out of the Cocoon, has been postponed to December 2010. This is a direct result of Marco's being laid off, and Margaret suddenly having half the line dumped on her without warning. Something had to give, and it was easier to move trade paperbacks like 7DS and OotC (also moved to '10 is the third Myriad Universes volume, which will have short "what if?" novels by David R. George III, Steve Mollmann & Michael Schuster, and Scott Pearson).

And yes, this means the next CoE compilation (What's Past) won't be until 2011 at the earliest. Just see it as another reason to just go ahead and buy the eBooks. *grin*
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