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my sweetie's writing a novel!

The good news I was hinting at coyly in this earlier post can now be revealed!

terri_osborne's proposal for a Stargate: Atlantis novel has been approved by both Fandemonium (the publisher) and MGM (the licensor), and said novel, Portals of Discovery, is scheduled to be published in 2010. The manuscript's due 15 June 2009.

This is Terri's first full-length novel (her two-part Star Trek: Corps of Engineers eBook Remembrance of Things Past was 51,000 words, which is strictly speaking novel-length), and I couldn't possibly be more proud. *beams*

Portals... will be the memoirs that Dr. Elizabeth Weir was seen writing in the SGA episode "The Return Part 1."

Yay, Terri! Go congratulate her directly here.......................

(This is also why I've been up since 6.15. Fandemonium is a British publisher, so news from them tends to come first thing in the morning, and Terri, naturally, woke me up with the news.)
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