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more Farscape comic niftiness

A review of Farscape #1 by Ben Berger on Weekly Comic Book Review.

Money quote:
I grabbed this book on a whim because I loved the TV series. I fully expected it to be another Ghostbusters: The Other Side and was prepared to bash it without remorse in this review. That was before I realized series creator Rockne O’Bannon was involved. My only reaction now is, “what took you so long?” If you loved the series or Sci-Fi in general, buy this book. The quality of writing is outstanding, the art is solid, and it’s a continuation of a great series cut down in its prime.

Farscape #1 also made dvandom's Best Comics of 2008, and he lists the future issues as among the things he expects to see "continued greatness from" in 2009.

Finally, the Robot 6 guys at Comic Book Resources interview Chip Mosher at BOOM! where Farscape is one of the many and varied topics of conversation.
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