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a couple of reviews I found....

While doing an unrelated search, I stumbled across two reviews of my recent(ish) work....

The "Napping at Red Lights" blog -- besides having a great blog title -- had a review of Supernatural: Nevermore that was posted a year ago.

Money quote:
The novel even picks up on two of my favorite aspects of the show - the car and the music. The black 1967 Impala is the Winchesters only mode of transportation and Dean’s one prized possession. Dean’s only other love (besides women) is his heavy metal music.

Given that one of the storylines was about a band that covers heavy metal songs, music played a large role in the story. But Dean’s relationship with the music was so well described that I felt like I was not only listening to the music myself, but could also see Dean jamming away.

In addition, Michael Warren reviewed Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions on his "Musings of a Fandom Geek" blog this past August.

Money quote regarding A Gutted World:
One of the interesting factors, I found, is that the point of divergence is mentioned only once, extremely briefly, and so matter-of-factly that I didn’t read it as the PoD at all (I thought it was something that resulted from a change that had already occured). The fact that DeCandido doesn’t call attention to the alteration makes the scenario seem… more real, somehow. To the characters, it’s just another event, even if it’s more important to us as readers. And the set of dominoes that tumbles as a result is fascinating. Whilst we get to see a huge number of familiar characters from the Trek universe circa 2373, there are tiny changes that throw you a little off-balance in terms of your expectations. And with a freer hand, DeCandido deals death and destruction upon many much-loved characters, in sequences that are sometimes shocking in their brevity.

The interwoven strands of conspiracy, treachery and desperation create a rich and fascinating tapestry. Everything connects, and everything has its purpose. The story is a constant escalation of events - a growing sense of impending doom pervades the early chapters, before that doom is unleashed upon the page.
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