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writing plans for the next few months

One of the advantages of suddenly having comic book work is that it's more modular. Everything's in installments -- either 22-page issues or 30-odd-page chapters of a manga volume -- so it's easy to break it down, and work on other things on the side.

Once Spectres is finished (fates willing and the creek don't rise) at the end of January, I'm going to devote my non-comic-book-writing time to a fantasy project that I think might have some traction, once I work out the world-building. I also want to dive back into Super City Police Department.

All this could change at the drop of a shoe, as it were, and I certainly wouldn't complain if an editor calls up and says, "I want to pay you to write a book." *laughs*

But I also want to take advantage of the more flexible writing opportunities provided by the comics scripting....
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