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second review of A Singular Destiny

But wait, there's more!

Bill Williams has reviewed Star Trek: A Singular Destiny for Trek Nation, giving it four out of five stars.

Money quote:
What I enjoy about A Singular Destiny is how DeCandido manages to span the events along the different worlds and cultures, and not just the Federation alone, who must face a difficult task after a brutal apocalypse. It’s interesting to read this novel and see the mirror held up to our own society to reflect its current events on the worldwide arena. It’s hard to put down the mirror and see the obvious real-world parallels that DeCandido has brilliantly portrayed in A Singular Destiny, everyone is affected by the same problems, and no matter what the solution may be, no one is happy with the results.

Just as effective is the way DeCandido intercuts between chapters to reveal the thoughts behind those affected by the Borg blitzkrieg through personal narratives, letters, and reports. Some are happy with moving forward, while others teeter on the brink of emotional breakdown. And the fate of one series’ more beloved characters is handled with such brevity and starkness that said fate is the literary equivalent of a sucker punch. Little moments like these add frighteningly realistic big pieces to a puzzle that must now be put back together with delicacy.
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