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Arisia schedule

Arisia 2009 has put up what they say is the preliminary schedule. Here's my bit of it:

3pm: autographing (Crow's Nest 1B)
4pm: "Media Tie-Ins: Dead End or Foot in the Door?" w/Vonnie Carts-Powell, Jeanne Cavelos, and Terri Osborne (Room 204)
9pm: "This is the War Room!: A Look Back at Dr. Strangelove," w/Garen Daly, Terry Franklin, David Larochelle, John McDaid, and James Zavaglia

11.30am: reading (BU Suite--Regency Club) *
12pm: "Bad Contracts and Publishing Scams," w/Inanna Arthen, Sara M. Harvey, Michael Kabongo, and James D. Macdonald (Room 201)
2pm: "TV to Comics," w/Cynthia A. Shettle and Mark "Justin" Waks (William Dawes A)

* For reasons passing understanding, my reading isn't on the schedule on the web site. I have inquired about this oversight.....
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