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wow, are the Royals dumb....

As Rob Neyer reports on ESPN, the Kansas City Royals have now committed $11.4 million to Kyle Farnsworth, Mike Jacobs, Horacio Ramirez, and Willie Bloomquist.

This, right here, is -- pursuant to the conversation that ensued in comments to this LJ post of mine from the other day -- why having and spending money isn't enough -- you have to spend it wisely. As Neyer says, "For $11.4 million you can actually get a good player." As someone named Jim said on the Baseball Primer Newsblog's story on the Bloomquist signing:

This is flat out retarded. If you can't find a Willie Bloomquist clone in your minor league system you aren't looking hard enough. There have to be middle-infielder types floating around that can "play" the OF, hit for crap and suck up a roster spot for $400,000. There is no need to pay a premium for this type of "production".

Egads, I am sure glad I am not a fan of this team.


(Of course, Seattle Mariners fans -- who have had the Bloomquist albatross stuck on their roster for what seems like millennia now, must be dancing a jig....)
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