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Watching the inauguration on the big-screen TV that terri_osborne and I gave each other, in our apartment, Aoki curled up next to me.

I'm so glad I'm alive right now. I saw the Berlin Wall come down, I saw apartheid fall, I saw human beings land on the moon, I saw the WTC fall (not a good thing, but still history unfolding before me), and now I'm seeing this.

I'm tearing up.

Something to keep in mind: President Obama, Vice President Biden, and their administration will screw up, will let us down, will disappoint. Do not let the joy of what is happenng today blind us to the reality that these are human beings.

But don't let cynicism blind us to the amazing thing that's happening right now.

The U.S.A. has always been a work in progress. The most amazing thing about our Constitution is that it allows for change, and was written to be able to account for a world that couldn't be imagined in 1787. Today that work in progress is taking a massive leap forward.

He may not be our best president. He may not even be a good president. But he will always be a pioneering president, and this will forevermore be his day.

Again I say: Wow.
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