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more reviews!

Found two more reviews in the blogosphere and one more in a magazine of Farscape #1. The magazine review, from Dave Golder in SFX #179, was less than favorable ("Good Farscape, but a dren comic"), and doesn't even acknowledge my contribution, but the blog reviews were more enthusiastic.

Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews reviewed the comic last week. Money quote:
Overall, Farscape #1 offered me a pleasant reading and the same enjoyable time as the TV series. I’m certain that the rest of the series will not disappoint me and it will make me feel as the first issue did.

James Ashelford also reviewed it earlier this week on his "A Less Than Reputable Source" blog (subtitled "by The Man With No Aim"). Inexplicably, he is also a fan of my work.

Money quote:
As to the characters themselves, deCandido’s script does a great job of capturing the actor’s voices ... Rygel is pompous and far too sure of himself, Aeryn is majestic, Crichton’s unique mix of wit and confusion pervades all, Noranti’s bananas, Chiana appears naked as often as not and Pilot can hardly bring himself to call Crichton “John”.
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