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hot chicks with books!

ktpinto posted this picture, and I wanted to share. Be warned that the picture is friggin huge.........

The Official Hot Chicks With Books Arisia 2009 Photograph:

Back row, l-r:
KT Pinto (ktpinto) holding up a copy of Celeste
Jennifer Pelland (jenwrites) holding up a copy of Unwelcome Bodies (as well as the HCwB sign)
Shira Lipkin (shadesong) holding a copy of the Wind Tunnel Dreams chapbook behind Gie's head
Sara M. Harvey saraphina_marie) holding up a preview copy of Convent of the Pure

Genevieve Iseult Eldridge (girlyengine), a.k.a. Kiersten Cherry, holding up a copy of the Enslaved chapbook

Terri Osborne (terri_osborne) propping up a copy of the Realms Next Door: The Emerald Éire chapbook

They are hot, they are chicks, and they have books -- coming to a convention near you..... *grin*
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