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snurched from many on LJ and Facebook both

At a pausing point on the D'Argo's Lament #2 script, so I'm doing a meme before lunch.

Twenty-five completely random facts about me:

1. I went to a Catholic high school where I was forced to keep my hair short. I started growing my hair as soon as I graduated in June 1986, and haven't looked back.

2. My first experiment with facial hair was a disastrous attempt at a mustache in 1994. I grew the beard in 1998.

3. I got my left ear pierced after departing from Library Journal magazine in 1992.

4. I tend to have TV shows that I obsess over and mainline for periods of time. At the moment, that obsession is Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

5. Not counting best-ofs and compilations, the only Jethro Tull albums I don't own on CD are A and Under Wraps (though I do have the latter on vinyl).

6. I went to my first baseball game at age eight. In fact, I was exactly eight, as it was my birthday, 18 April 1977, at Yankee Stadium. They were playing the expansion Blue Jays and lost 5-1.

7. I sleep with a teddy bear. It's the 1997 Harrod's Bear (they do a bear every Christmas, and it's one of three Harrod's Bears in the house) who is named Colin Bear.

8. Tigers are my totem animals. I have ten toy tigers (stuffed and/or puppets).

9. I almost always am accompanied by music. It constantly plays when I'm at the computer, and I don't go anywhere without headphones in my ears.

10. Playing percussion nourishes my soul in ways I cannot describe. I am forever grateful to the Boogie Knights for allowing me to join in 2006, because I really really missed having a regular outlet for percussion when the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players broke up in 2000.

11. I was never a cat person until I met terri_osborne -- and, more to the point, met Marcus and Mittens. I am now the biggest cat mush in all creation.

12. I try to get an action figure or stuffed thing that relates to what I write. Doesn't always happen, but I do my best. (My favorite just for the sheer goofiness is for my Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda novel. The GRA action figures stunk on ice, so -- since the Nietzscheans play a big role in the novel -- I got a stuffed Friedrich Nietzsche to represent that book.)

13. I love to take naps.

14. Prior to age 35, I never exercised beyond hauling my butt out of bed. Then I started karate (at the advice of medical professionals), and now I can't get enough of it.

15. I just love the fact that my new office setup allows me to look out at the street we live on. Not sure why, but there it is. I've certainly been more productive in this office than I was in the old one....

16. I actually eagerly looked forward to turning 30 a decade ago, because I spent my 20s being taken seriously by people right up until they found out how old I was, at which point they stopped doing so, which got very tiresome.

17. Despite the tumultuous relationship I had with the late Byron Preiss, I will always be grateful to him for hiring me when he did, as that job opened many doors and pretty much enabled me to have the career I have now (not to mention giving me the opportunity to work with many of my literary and artistic heroes).

18. It means more than I can say that drewshi, jafinnola, popfiend, and the Lipchick have remained close friends since our high school (the first two) or college (the second two) days.

19. The first time I met Harlan Ellison, I told him he was one of my heroes. His response: "You must be hard up for heroes." The fact that Harlan considers me a friend (or at least an acquaintance he tolerates) is one of the great joys of my life. (Remind me to tell y'all about the Harlan-me-and-Terri story from Peter and Kathleen David's wedding....)

20. One of the proudest moments of my career was meeting Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon in 2001, and his first words to me were, "You get it!" in reference to my Farscape novel House of Cards. That he and I have enjoyed a friendship and now get to collaborate on Farscape comic books is another one of the great joys of my life.

21. I am the textbook definition of "not a morning person."

22. I must have a cup of coffee first thing after I wake up, but beyond that, caffeine has no real effect on me. (Yes, I'm like this naturally....)

23. I celebrated my 15th birthday in Venice, Italy, with dinner at Harry's Bar, where I got drunk for the first time in my life.

24. Having suricattus in the same neighborhood as us rocks on several levels (and no, not just because she sometimes takes care of the cats).

25. My one and only experience playing organized sports was in grammar school, when I joined my school's incredibly bad soccer team. Really, we not only never won a game, we were never in any danger of winning a game. (The school no longer exists; it shut down some time in the early 1990s.)

Okay, back to work................
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