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I never could get the hang of Thursdays...

Today has been a weird day.

I'm having a certain amount of anxiety about certain things that I'd rather not get into, because intellectually I know I'm being a big honking doofus about it, but emotionally I'm being a wreck -- not in the least because of a couple of possible slights that probably weren't meant that way, but don't help to make me feel better. terri_osborne also got some news at work that has the potential to be incredibly ominous.

Due to economic fear as much as anything, I spent a lot of today touching base with editors and other folks who may or may not be interested in hiring me. I also wrote up a blog entry for my agent's blog (look for it next week; I'll announce here when it's live), and also discussing NYCC stuff with both BOOM! and TokyoPop.

Then karate class, which was exhausting in a very very good way, as I sweated out all the agita and anxiety. I'm still concerned, but much less so than I was before class.

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